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KINGSTON: Eastern Ontario's Exciting Getaway Destination. Every year more and more people are finding Kingston is a great place to spend a weekend or a week.

  1. Bring your camera.
  2. Relax or take a walk-about one of the many parks.
  3. Visit one of the many fine artisan shops in downtown Kingston.
  4. Beautiful scenery and Wildlife watching.
  5. Have breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the many fine restaurants.
  6. Attend one of the many yearly Festivals.
  7. Take a walking tour of Heritage Kingston.
  8. Take a drive around the city and see some of the historic sights.
  9. Boating galore.
  10. Getaway weekend at one of the local Bed & Breakfasts.
  11. Fishing in one of the many surrounding lakes, rivers and streams.
  12. Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, X-country skiing, and public ice skating at the local arenas.
  13. Come and see Kingston-in-Springtime, all in bloom.
  14. Come for a round of golf.
Excellent Recreation & Sports Facilities:
  • cottages
  • camping
  • boating
  • fishing
  • canoeing
  • waterskiing
  • sailing
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • walking tours
  • parks
  • soccer
  • beach volleyball
  • basketball
  • skateboarding
  • cycling
  • baseball/softball
  • cross country skiing
  • snowmobiling
  • ice fishing
  • snowshoeing
  • hockey
Kingston's Bodies of Water:
  1. Rideau Canal - Constructed in 1832, the Rideau Canal system stretches from Kingston to Ottawa and joins a series of lakes and rivers. Whether visitors travel by their own boat or rent a boat, the many locks along the canal provide moorings complete with campgrounds, accommodations, barbeque and picnic facilities. The canal is also crossed by cycle routes and hiking trails. In winter it is turned into the world's longest ice skating rink. The Rideau Canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Lake Ontario - Lake Ontario, part of the Great Lakes waterway system measures 311 km (193 m) from east to west and 85 km (53 m) across. Lake Ontario serves as a national border between Canada and the United States with the province of Ontario along the north shore and New York state along the south shore.
  3. St. Lawrence River - The St. Lawrence flows from the eastern end of Lake Ontario, for 1247 kilometres (775 miles), to the Atlantic Ocean. It has been used for centuries for shipping into mainland North America. Near Kingston, the river is dotted with the Thousand Islands.
  4. Thousand Islands - This collection of islands on the border of Canada and the US are located along the St. Lawrence River. The Canadian portion of the Thousand Islands begins at Wolfe Island near Kingston. Pleasures boating, sightseeing, fishing and diving are extremely popular activities.
  5. Cataraqui River - Also known as the Greater Cataraqui River, it drains into Lake Ontario while forming the lower portion of the Rideau Canal. This river is located 4.5 km west of the Little Cataraqui River.
  6. Little Cataraqui Creek - This creek is part of the inland wetlands. The creek has been dammed to form a reservoir and is part of the Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area.
  1. International Hockey Museum
  2. Wolfe Islander III Ferry
  3. The Kingston Archaeological Centre
  4. The Kingston Mills Blockhouse
  5. The MacLachlan Woodworking Museum
  6. The Miller Museum of Geology and Mineralogy
  7. The Military Commmunications and Electronics Museum
  8. Canada's Penitentiary Museum
(1) International Hockey Museum

Relive great memories with heroes of the past and present at the International Hockey Museum. Its collection of photographs and mementos.

(2) Wolfe Islander III Ferry   Ferry Schedules

The Wolfe Islander III is in operation all year.  It holds approximately 55 cars and 330 passengers per trip.

Crossing Time = 20 min.
Cost = Free

The Wolfe Island Ferry operates from the Marysville Dock (summer) from ICE OUT to ICE IN at which time it moves to the Dawson Point Dock (winter). Low water conditions in the village can cause an earlier departure of the ferry to the winter dock.

The ferry serves as a vital life-line to the Island's long established community. It also services the many thousands of people visiting Wolfe Island and coming from the States in to Canada

Ferrying to the Island has a long history. In 1904, Wolfe Island bought the original Wolfe Islander; in 1946, the Ontario government bought the Wolfe Islander II and in 1964, the province assumed ferry control and initiated free highway access.

Wolfe Islander III Ferry  Wolfe Islander III Ferry
Wolfe Islander III Ferry  Wolfe Islander III Ferry


(3) The Kingston Mills Blockhouse

The Kingston Mills Blockhouse on the Rideau Canal provides a look into the life of an 1839 soldier. Kingston Mills Road, 2km north of Hwy.401.


(4) The MacLachlan Woodworking Museum

The MacLachlan Woodworking Museum features displays and demonstrations that illustrate 19th century life... Women at Work, Logging and Lumbering, Canadian Planemakers.


(5) The Miller Museum of Geology and Mineralogy

The Miller Museum of Geology and Mineralogy at Queen's University displays a collection of rocks, minerals and fossils from the Kingston area's geological history.


(6) The Military Commmunications and Electronics Museum

The Military Commmunications and Electronics Museum is North America's largest specialized communications museum. Explore communications history from 1867 to modern day.


(7) Canada's Penitentiary Museum

Canada's Penitentiary Museum provides a glimpse of the history of Canada's penitentiaries through rare pictures and early punishment equipment. See our fascinating collection of contraban and artifacts.


(8) The Kingston Archaeological Centre

The Kingston Archaeological Centre offers an impressive display representing more than 8,000 years of the Kingston region.


Kingston is Green.

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