Language & Literature
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An Elementary English Grammar Book

Toastmasters International: Communication

Language Translator

Investigating International English from a British Viewpoint

Help using the Internet

Grammar & Punctuation

Daily Grammar

About Books, Writing, & Publishing

Book of English Usage

Get Wild About Reading

Education Search Engine

Find Words that Rhyme, synonyms, and more.

Journeys Into Literary America

Getting Writers Noticed

Acronym Finder

Translate Text or a Web Page

Cliche Finder

Common Errors in English

Guide to Grammar & Writing


Acronyms & Abbreviarions

World of Reading

Journal of Literature, The arts

Spelling Bee


Poets & Writers



Huge Collection of Tounge Twisters

Harry Potter

Think Quest Library of Entries
Reference & Libraries
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Picture Dictionary with Links


Library & Archival Exhibitions

Rand McNally Road Trip Guide

Dictionary of Financial Terms

WWW Virtual Library

Ancient Library of Alexandria

Fast Facts Reference Tool

Dictionary of Science & Technology

Reference Resource

Essays on Science and Society

National Atlas of The United States

World Population Info

Encyclopedia Britannica

Karnak Library of Infinite Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions

Perseus Digital Library

How To Do Just About Everything

Internet Public Library for Youth

20 Questions Learning System

Learn Free: no cost know how

Studt Web: Links for Learning

Encyclo Zine

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

New York Digital Library

The Lipstick Librarian

Web Site of Libraries

Dictionary dot com

Berkeley Digital Library

Library of Congress

Museums & Fine Art
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Pier Walk Sculpture

Art Studio & Gallery



Van Gogh

Internet Home for the Arts


Art Archive

Walker Art Center

1100 Artists & Galleries

The Global Museum Project

Web Museum Network

Virtual Museum

Museum of Hoaxes

Museum of Unnatural Mystery

National Archives Virtual Museum


Amsterdam Museum

National Museum of Science & Industry

Bad Fads Museum

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

New York Museum of Art

American Museum of Natural History

Art Museums

24 Hour Museum
National Air & Space Museum

American Museum of Natural History

The State Hermitage Museum

Mariners' Museum

American Museum of Natural History

Museum of Web Art

Natural History Museums and Collections

Kyoto National Museum

Museum of History & Science

American Museum of Photography

Museums & Learning

Arts of Asia

National Gallery of Art

Museum of Civilization

Paris Web Museum

American Museum of Natural History

Museum of London

Museum of African Arts

National Gallery of Art

Martin Lawrence Art Gallery

Science Museum

Museum of Innovation

Auto Museum

Tenement Museum

Washingtom Art
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