Kingston Tourism.
Tourists in Kingston.
Kingston is located in south-eastern Ontario along the shore of Lake Ontario, at the entrance to the St. Lawrence River, and the starting point for the Rideau Canal. Kingston is more than rich in Canadain history, once the capital of Canada. With Lake Ontario providing a scenic backdrop for the City, Kingston is a major tourist destination for visitors to Canada.

Kingston is easily reached from Toronto (Ontario's capital), Montreal, Ottawa (Canada's capital) and Syracuse, New York via plane, train, bus, boat or automobile. (see Getting Here for distances and directions)

Ranked one of the best city centres in North America, Kingston has a thriving downtown with unique shops & boutiques, restaurants, theatres, sports, heritage buildings, and non-stop entertainment in summer along its extensive user-friendly waterfront.

    KINGSTON - A World Heritage Destination.
  • Outstanding dining
  • More than 20 museums and galleries
  • Over 600 historical designated sites
  • Year round line-up of festivals and events
  • Premier accommodations
  • Shopping, Sightseeing, Boating, Fishing, farmer's market, and a whole lot more...

Here in Kingston, Ontario's culture and heritage is yours to discover. You'll find fun, adventure and education - there's something for eveyone's taste and budget.

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What Is The Importance Of Tourism in Kingston?

Tourism is important to Kingston because of the amount of income it brings into the area while promoting good-will throughout the world. It provides people visiting Kingston with a choice services and entertainment while they in turn boost the city's economy. It helps provide jobs to the residents of Kingston not only in the tourism and service industry, but also in the manufacturing industry as many people leave their vacation destination with souvenirs in hand.

Tourists tend to have disposable income that they can spend in the city they are visiting. They also have more leisure time which they use on numerous, shorter vacations throughout the year. Most tourists are well educated with sophisticated tastes, demanding better services and products. Many tourists also travel with their families, and thus the need for more family-oriented entertainment. People are traveling all over the world to see the sights and experience what other countries have to offer. Sustainable tourism and ecotourism have become popular with tourists who are attempting to reduce their own carbon footprint and leave the world a better place for future generations.

However, the most important reason for tourism in Kingston is the "multiplier effect;" that is, how many times, money spent by a tourist, circulates through the economy of Kingston.
Kingston is Green.

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